Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cooking School is Not For Sissies

My Fabulous Team: Patti, Susan and Max

Another class complete, another set of lessons learned. Nutrition & Sensory Analysis was by far my favorite class so far. And I swear to you, that is not because our instructing chef was… well, let’s call a spade a spade. He was a full on, 5 alarm hottie. I’ve never seen so many women in chef’s caps drooling on stainless steel tables before.
Ahem. I love you, John!
But like I said; my enjoyment of this class was not based on visual appeal alone. Chef Hottie-Pants was the most laid back chef I’ve encountered so far. We cooked big breakfasts for ourselves after lectures, we listened to music while we worked, we joked and laughed. We weren’t a production class, so we weren’t under the same time constraints as I’ve grown accustomed to in my other classes. The atmosphere in the Sensory Analysis kitchen more closely approximated the way I’m used to cooking in my own kitchen. More after the jump...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Sweet Potato Quesadillas

Last night I made delicious and surprisingly hearty vegetarian quesadillas with a 5 color salsa. But we were so busy throwing the quesadillas down our gullets and washing them down with cold beers that I didn’t take a single photo. I still want you to know about this meal though, because it was incredibly healthy, filling, and even low fat. So. Pretend for a moment that we are not completely visual creatures and just go with me for a minute. Hmm… I just looked at my last post. What’s with me and warm toasty bread stuffed with goodness lately? The details after the jump...