Monday, May 31, 2010

Harry's Bar & Burger

You’ll know it when you see the cow on the sidewalk. The cow will direct you into Harry’s Bar & Burger, at 121 North Main Street in Providence.

Harry’s is the kind of place I’ve been looking for. I’ve said to friends countless times, “I just feel like a burger and a beer.” That’s what Harry’s is all about. That, and a good game of beer bingo. Slinging brews is Harrison Elkhay, affable son of John Elkhay, Providence restaurant celebrity. Harrison owns Harry’s, and after 2 weeks, seems like he’s been behind that bar forever.

The location is the former home of Chinese Laundry. True to Elkhay form, if it doesn’t work, do something different. The space is small and cozy, yet hip. To get to the bathroom, you have to cross over a glass floor that reveals the room below. In the bathroom, I was treated to a showing of When Harry Met Sally, playing on the wall mounted, glass-enclosed television. No wonder the person before me took such a long time. At first, we asked for a table, and were sequestered upstairs into a tiny, empty, overly air-conditioned room. We quickly agreed to relocate to the bar, which was a fabulous move on our part. Harrison started by telling my friend and me that we both looked great – that got a few points. I was ready to like the place.

The beer menu is filled with unique craft brews, including my choice, the Old Leghumper Porter. Harrison also makes creative beer floats, like the Rogue Chocolate Float and something made with a Twinkie that I couldn’t quite wrap my brain around…

As for the food, the burgers are delicious and cheap. You get 2 sliders rather than one large burger. Harry’s also serves hot dogs, fries and a couple of sandwiches. My sliders were topped with cheese, pickles and crispy onion strings for a saltily-perfect accompaniment to my dark, smooth beer.

Harry’s has a small bar, which is perfect for getting to know the folks on neighboring stools. The great conversation, in concert with the good food and drink, and a fun atmosphere makes Harry’s a place I’ll surely return to.


David Dadekian said...

Great write-up! We didn't get there this weekend but will soon. Need to get you a better camera, if only for more photos of Ms. Doyle with large bovine statues.

Kate Lowther said...

Hey... those were meant to be grainy! Lol... I was not prepared to blog. Those are iPhone shots.

David Dadekian said...

Oh I see now. Grainy art shots. I apologize for my lack of artistic vision. ;)