Monday, March 14, 2011

The Pursuit of Perfection: Day 1

Well. This is serious business. My day began at 5:30 when I woke up without using the snooze button to get ready for 6AM spinning. Before I left, I made my bed and straightened around the house.

Keep the house immaculate: Check
Go to the gym five days a week: 1/5 Check

I was three quarters of the way to work when I remembered that keeping up with the news was one of my goals. Switched the station to NPR. Became depressed. Switched back to my iPod. Fail.

I drank massive quantities of water while I worked.
And peed. A lot.

During my lunch break, I planned dinner menus for the week and I shopped after work. It's amazing how much better things seem when you have a stocked refrigerator.

I refrained from even looking at the vending machine and opted for 2 Hershey kisses to satisfy my intense, after-lunch chocolate craving.

And I write this as a delicious and healthy dinner works away on the stove.

Am I a better person yet? I don't know. I do feel a little more organized and on top of things though. Stay tuned. It's only Day 1!

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