Thursday, June 30, 2011

On Not Blogging

Well, it’s entirely possible that I simply don’t have the discipline to be a blogger. But I’ve missed it! And I thank you for joining me back here at a whim. Here are a few things I’ve been up to since I’ve been away.

Finishing up school for the summer with Baking & Pastry...


Top: Chocolate and rum lava cake with mango coconut ice cream in a coconut cup
Bottom: Peanut butter creme br with strawberry coulis and a chocolate wafer cookie

Eating Barbecue (and visiting Mom & Dad)


Top: Duke's BBQ, Aiken, SC
Bottom: Dickey's BBQ, Seekonk, MA

Travelling... Near and Not Too Far

Chapel, Sanibel Island, Florida

Chapel, Scituate, Rhode Island

Water View, Middletown, Rhode Island

Water View, Sanibel Island, Florida

I've got some posts coming up that I think you'll enjoy. I hope you'll be back!


Lisa said...

The photos are gorgeous and I am in love with the one from RI.

(Ahem...I neglect my blog in the worst way. ;)

Jamie Samons said...

Yay! So happy you're blogging again. The new place is gorgeous. I predict many good times and much good cooknig there!

Kate Lowther said...

Thanks ladies!!