Friday, July 1, 2011

A Very, Very, Very Fine House

 Chez Coquette has moved! As charming as our old place was in its advanced age, it left a few modern conveniences to be desired. And so we packed up countless boxes of belongings and hit the road… exactly 12 blocks.

I’m sure you can be with me on this fact: a new place to live changes your whole outlook. Seven years of same-old was a distant memory and I was intoxicated by the shiny and new. It felt great. Needless to say, I started entertaining right away.

As we start to settle in and the newness begins to turn into familiarity, I’m so happy to be here. I want to cook more, simply because it’s such a joy to do it in this kitchen. I want to have people over because I’m so proud of where I live. Mr. Coquette agrees. He planned his work rotation to be home for the move, but he basically put the boxes down in our new place and left to go back to work. When he came home two weeks later and marveled at how settled everything was, he walked through nodding and touching the appliances. He made a personal quest out of readying the whirlpool bath for my long swims. Dare I say, he nested right along with me.

So as they say, c’mon down. I’ll be here cooking something good up for you.

(Poor Girl Gourmet's Blueberry Crumble)

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