Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Cookie Will Help!

Photo courtesy of Etsy's Scrumptulicious Shop

I'm not usually in the habit of repurposing the blog posts of others, especially given that I just launched my own new blog. But I read about this woman's story on A Great Full Day, a blog I enjoy, and asked Lindsey, the author, for permission to re-blog to help spread the word about this amazing family.

So today is Friday and for many that means pay day. Sadly Kristen doesn't get a regular paycheck anymore. I found Kristen's blog and my heart immediately went out to her. A few years ago her husband was diagnosed with a life threatening kidney disease that left him unable to work. In 2008 she too lost her job. Now her family is struggling to pay for medical bills, prescriptions and day to day expenses. They've given up their cars and other non-essential items (that many of us take for granted) in an attempt to make ends meet but have still come up short...some days they aren't sure they'll be able to pay for their home. 

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As a life coach, Kristen remains positive and even posts gratitude lists. Through all this struggle she is upbeat and refuses to ask for handouts. In this time of need she's come up with a a way to help her family survive. She opened up an Etsy shop selling cookies using her hubby's special recipe. They're said to be extra tasty and come in yummy varieties like: Butterscotch Chip, Sweet Almond Cookies, Chocolate Orange Espresso, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate Gingerbread. The family even offers cookies as favors or for corporate gifting.

To maintain their downsized way of life they have to sell a minimum of 200 dozen cookies a month while Kristen continues to look for work. I know most of us splurge on edible treats a few times a month. Maybe this month we could satisfy our sweet tooth by buying from this inspiring family? And if you are on a diet or want to donate funds Kristen was finally persuaded to add a link where you can contribute directly. I know many families out there are struggling with health issues and having to worry about keeping their home because of it--I can't imagine the courage it takes to go through this.

Let's help this family out! Keep them in mind for Christmas gift giving...don't worry about baking yourself. And order up a treat that is sweet in more ways than one!

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