Monday, October 26, 2009

Tini, Take Two

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Last spring, I visited Tini on Washington Street with my buddy Melina. As she can tell you,
I did not have a good experience for a number of reasons:

1. It was during Lent. And given that Melina observes Lent, and Tini's tappas plates are meant to be shared, we had to avoid the meat. We ended up with some randoms that were not what I would have chosen.

2. In the very small restaurant, at the horseshoe shaped bar, I was at the end of the horseshoe, just before the bathroom door. It felt more like I was in the bathroom. Eww.

But this weekend, Stacey and I were looking for a place for a little dinner, and she had never been to Tini. So I decided to give it another go. I have to say, I'm glad I did. My opinion completely changed. Here's what did it:

1. The Recession Pour: I chose a the very tasty Palo Alto Sauvignon Blanc for an easy-to-swallow $6.

2. Our first dish was the Tini Weenie. The name alone is enough to make anyone smile.

The saurkraut on top was to die for, and the bread was just buttery-crisp enough. Yum!

3. Next up, the special: a seasonal venison stew with perfectly tender meat and flavorful roasted vegetables.

See that fluffy goodness on top? That's fried feta cheese. Let me say it again.
FRIED FETA CHEESE. Need it one more time?

4. Finally, we indulged in the Tini fries.

Now, these fries probably won't set your world on fire. But the mix of hot sauce and another mayonnaise based sauced was the perfect combo. Bonus points if you drag the fries through the venison stew gravy. Heaven.

So. Visit Tini. Go early. Go with just one other person. And make sure to get some meat. You'll be delighted just like I was... this time.


Anonymous said...

hi CC!
i really enjoyed your review! i've been wanting to try Tini for a while, and i think you've given me the push! Thanks!
ps-i really enjoy your writing style. you are very punny and clever!

Kate said...

Thanks JD! Let me know what you get at Tini!