Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome to the Coquettish Cook!

Hey, nice to see you here! Thank you for visiting my brand new blog! I'm leaving Lowther, Rinse, Repeat behind for now. It was a terrific outlet for me to get my random thoughts down. But then I started to really develop my ideas for The Coquettish Cook and here we are!

So this is where you can find me from now on. As usual, I'll be sharing with you my best successes in the kitchen (and the occasional mishap,) and bringing you along on some yummy journeys around the city and beyond. But there are some new features I want to bring to The Coquettish Cook that I hope you'll love:

1. The Top Five
2. Reader Contributions
3. From JWU, With Love

That's right. This December, I'm starting the continuing education culinary diploma program at Johnson & Wales. You have no idea how excited I am! Cooking has been my passion for such a long time. But I never thought of it being anything more than a hobby until J recently encouraged me to pursue it. My first class, Soups, Stocks & Sauces, starts on December 6th. JWU encourages its culinary students to photograph their dishes as they go - how convenient! So you'll hear plenty about my misadventures in cooking school. PS... You should see the knife set that students get. Yippee!

So again, welcome. I hope you enjoy coming along for the ride!


elizabeth said...

Congrats on entering (or at least soon-to-be-entering) culinary school! I'm excited to follow your journey (found you through Last Night's Dinner).

The Tripp Family said...

congratulations, Kate! I went back to school for massage therapy, so I know how excited you must be! I'd love to go to culinary school too (or maybe just take a few cooking classes) , what fun! One of the guys in my massage therapy school class was actually a chef pursuing massage therapy as a second career. I look forward to reading about lots of new fun stuff to make on your blog! & I love your new photo (mmm. garlic.)

Kate said...

Thanks Elizabeth and Kim! I always appreciate the encouragement...

Auntie C. said...

This is brilliant, Kate! I can't wait for the next installment. The photo of you balancing the garlic bulb could be your Mom. I never saw a resemblance until now.